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Solve the Clues & Escape the Room

Come to the area's only escape room, The Art of Escape LLC, for a fun and unique experience. Gather your group of friends, family or co-workers and collaborate to find clues, solve puzzles and beat the clock to escape the room!


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Team-Building Games

Not only are our escape rooms extremely surprising and entertaining, but they also make great group-bonding experiences. Take your family, friends and colleagues to our escape room to enjoy as a team.

Schuylkill County's First Escape Room!


Stop by and enjoy this live challenge adventure.

Your “team” will work together to solve a series of hidden clues and riddles to “escape” from a room in under 60 minutes.


A great idea for Team Building and Parties

A great opportunity for your corporate group to flex their team building muscles in a fun but challenging environment.

Our room(s) can accommodate up to 6 people.



Use Communication, Collaboration, Competition & Celebration

We look forward to making your next event a memorable experience!


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