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Our Rooms

$25 per person
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Escape the 80s.jpg

Reporter Richter has been murdered!

Who did it? With what? Where at?

You need to solve the case.

Suggested team size: 4-8

4/5 Difficulty Rating

Trapped in the past! Can you get back to the present day?


Suggested team size: 2-6

3/5 Difficulty Rating


Arrive around 15 minutes prior to your scheduled booking.

It is important that we stay on time.

There will be a place for you to keep all your belongings.

You will be required to sign a waiver before entering the room.




There are many clues in the room just waiting to be discovered.

Move, touch, pull, turn, twist and open as many things as you

can without breaking them.



One person alone is not enough to solve all the puzzles.

The only way to solve the puzzles and escape is to put all of the clues together.

A lock might take a few clues to open.

Use the space provided and have all your team look all around!

Work together to cover more ground and link the pieces together faster!



The easiest way to lose is to give up and stop trying.

Sometimes 1 puzzle might take you longer than another.

Players that stop looking for clues, stop trying different combinations and

believe they can’t figure it out...won't get out!


Have someone else try. The puzzles are obvious to some people and may look impossible to others

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